KöR Whitening in Delray Beach, FL

KöR Whitening in Delray Beach, FL

What is KöR Whitening for teeth?

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KöR whitening is a relatively new tooth whitening method but is already considered one of the best options for stained or dirty teeth.

Not all dentists offer KöR as an option, but Lurie Dental of Delray Beach is happy to offer KöR as one of their teeth whitening options. It’s even been shown to affect teeth stained with tetracycline. 

The KöR whitening method works by preventing fluids in your mouth from contaminating the KöR’s whitening gel. Things like saliva and fluid are naturally formed in the mouth and are essential for certain things, but they hinder tooth whitening.

KöR can hold these fluids at bay while the tooth whitening gel does its work. The KöR gel, working in conjunction with trays for your upper and lower teeth that hold the fluids at bay, provides you with a revolutionary tooth whitening experience.

The KöR whitening system utilized by Lurie Dental involves an in-office component and an at-home component.


For best results, you should utilize both treatment plans. This teeth whitening method is better and more effective than standard whitening treatments, and you’ll have the best results by implementing the in-office and at-home treatments.

Is KöR whitening for me?

In the modern world of dentistry, there are many options for tooth whitening treatments. Having whiter and shinier teeth is very important in today’s age and can be a huge boost in self-esteem and confidence. One of the newest and best tooth whitening methods is KöR whitening.

KöR whitening is useful for anyone who wants whiter teeth than they ever thought possible. Here are a few types of tooth stains that it’s especially good at whitening.

Tetracycline stains

Tetracycline is an antibiotic used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. One of the unfortunate side effects is that it often stains the teeth of those who take it. It does this by binding to the calcium in your teeth and staining them.

Poor dental hygiene

One of the biggest causes for stained teeth is simply not taking care of them with brushing and flossing. Proper hygiene can prevent a multitude of dental problems, including stained teeth.


Certain diseases can harm the enamel of your teeth and end up staining them. Additionally, things like chemotherapy and radiation can also stain your teeth.

Food or drink

Certain foods and drinks like coffee, tea, fruits, and sodas can all stain and discolor your teeth. They might taste good, but they have unfortunate consequences.

Smoking or tobacco

Smoking and any kind of tobacco or nicotine usage can result in stained teeth.

KöR Whitening Results

Where can I find the best KöR whitening treatment in Delray Beach?

If you’re tired of your stained and yellow teeth and want to exchange them for white ones, then KöR whitening from Lurie Dental of Delray Beach is for you.

Lurie Dental is proud to offer one of the best KöR whitening treatments available. Through the use of both the in-office and at-home treatments, Lurie Dental will have your teeth whiter than you ever thought possible.