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Smile Gallery

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Mr. B was unhappy with his old upper denture, was missing some teeth on the bottom and was not able to chew properly. His upper denture was loose and the denture looked like “fake teeth”. He wanted to look better and be able to chew. A new upper denture and lower partial restored his ability to chew properly and he loves his new smile.


Joan had very old dentures which kept breaking. They were very worn out and floating in her mouth, which caused her to constantly bite her cheek and a large “bump” formed inside her cheek which became very uncomfortable. Every time Joan would try to put her teeth together, her lower jaw would collapse inward. With the help of the oral surgeon who removed the “bump” and new dentures, Joan was able to close her mouth comfortably and her teeth look great!  Nothing keeps Joan from smiling now!


Lauren was never happy with how her teeth looked. She had dental bonding before, but it was breaking down (as it does over time) and her teeth looked dull and gray. She had the bonding removed and we put new porcelain crowns on her front teeth. Lauren’s smile now looks natural and she’s so happy with her bright, new smile.


Harry didn’t have any tooth structure to properly hold his lower denture. He had trouble chewing and no matter what he did, and he complained that his teeth looked dirty. A new implant-supported lower denture and upper partial is what Harry needed. Working together with our great dental technician we were able to give Harry the look and function he was missing. His smile looks natural, his new supported dentures look great and no more movement when he is chewing! Congratulations, Harry!


After surviving an accident at the gym when a weight bar fell on his face, Will was left with broken nose, fractured eye sockets and chipped teeth. 3 years and multiple reconstructive surgeries later, Will was ready to fix his teeth. He was also not happy with the color of his teeth. We whitened his teeth using KOR whitening system and placed four porcelain crowns on his front upper teeth. The result was amazing. Will had more confidence when smiling, applied for his dream job out-of-state and got it!  Great job, Will! You are a champion!


Sherie was worried about her teeth breaking down due to grinding. She was looking for something to restore her teeth and make them look better. Porcelain crowns on her front six teeth changed her smile and that new smile looks amazing! She also got nightguard to stop the wear and grinding at night so she can preserve her beautiful teeth for years to come.


Amy was concerned about her front teeth which were becoming thin and worn. She didn’t want them to break and she was right to be concerned. She also hated dark spots on her front teeth, and had learned to smile without showing her teeth. After restoring her teeth with porcelain crowns, Amy has a confidence and reassurance that she can smile and chew as much as she wants, and as a result Amy can’t stop smiling!


This patient lost her teeth due to gum disease and cavities. She was looking for something which would feel secure and look natural. We were able to place 4 implants on top and 2 on the bottom and give her upper and lower implant supported overdentures which feel secure, not moving and they look great. Nobody knows that she has dentures.


This patient came in as they needed a single tooth replacement and here’s the results!